Tuesday, March 13, 2012

My Bucket List

I am 32 years old.  I get a little choked up saying that.  Why does life seem to move so slowly when you are a child or a teen, but so quickly as an adult?  I can remember saying, "I can't wait for high school!", "I can't wait to drive!", "I can't wait to graduate!"  Little did I know that I was wishing my time away.  Time seems to speed up at the age of 21.  You hit that milestone (Some hit it a little harder than others!), and life moves at double time.  So, today I'm looking at my life in perspective.  I figure I have about 40 to 50 good years left.  It's time to make a bucket list.  I have my students create lists all year long in their writer's notebooks, and I have an abundance of lists in my notebook, but I've never created a bucket list.  If you don't know what a bucket list is, it is a list of things you would like to accomplish before you die.  I'm keeping it realistic.  Here it goes!

1. Visit Yellowstone
2.  Own a pool
3.  Tour Asia
4.  See a saguaro cactus
5.  Drink a cafe au lait in Paris

This was much harder than I expected.  It's definitely a work in progress.


  1. This is an interesting list, I would like to know the story behind each item on the list. I have done 1, 4, and 5, I have no desire for 2. I am thinking about 3.
    I want to see the Northern Lights. Plus many other things.

  2. Hmmm, makes me want to create one, too. I haven't done any of these unless you count the Intex pools Target sells.

  3. Haven't made one yet and now that I'm retired I should. It's good to have goals. I always wanted to see the Rocky Mountains, so I guess I have mentally started one!

  4. It is harder than expected! I've not written mine down..but one that is a definite is I want to live in England for at least 3 months. It'll be a long time from now -- after my kids are grown up and Andy and I can take off for a few months and not be missed too much.

    I {heart} lists. :)