Sunday, March 11, 2012

Watching My Chick Fly

We had amazing weather today.  My family spent part of the day doing our usual Sunday grocery shopping, but the rest of the day we spent outside.  My husband fiddled with his new car stereo, and I tried to clean all of the french fries, straw wrappers, lost toys, and receipts off of the floor of my car.  Tatum and Tess played outside. 

Pretty soon, Tatum wanted to get her bike down from the bike rack.  When she hopped on her purple and pink princess bike, it was painfully obvious that she has done some growing of the winter.  Perhaps a new bike is in the works for her birthday.  Anyway she cruised around our driveway but informed us that there just wasn't enough space.  So, we allowed her to bike around the road in front of our house.  We live in a quiet, kid friendly subdivision, so we don't have many worries about people driving too fast or reckless.  Nearly everyone in our neighborhood has children.  Many other kids were out as well.  Tatum, my little chick, was ready to spread her wings and fly.  So, she asked if I would walk with her while she biked around the loop. We went for a quick stroll.   

As we were rounding the loop there was a little girl riding circles in front of our house.  I knew that she had seen Tatum out riding earlier, and was looking for a friend to ride with her.  I told Tatum that I think that little girl's name is Mya, and she is wanting to play with you.  I reminded Tatum to introduce herself and to play nice.  There was a little hesitation, and an awkward introduction, then they were off and running.  The next thing I new, my little chick was riding all over the neighborhood.  There was a group of about five young kids, riding and racing bikes around,  and Tatum was right in the middle.  Then there was a game of basketball, and of course sidewalk chalk.  She and Mya played for a couple of hours before it was supper time.  When we finally got Tatum inside, all she could talk about was Mya.  Hopefully something will blossom there.  I think this is the first summer where Tatum will be old enough to really get out there, and play with the other neighborhood kids. Some of my fondest childhood memories are of playing with my neighborhood friends.  I only hope Tatum can have those kind of memories.  

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