Wednesday, March 7, 2012

The Oceans, Werewolves, and Third Graders

What do the Earth's oceans, werewolves, and third graders have in common?  They are all influenced by the moon.  I don't know if you know this or not, but tomorrow is a full moon.  "Ahhh!" you are saying. "Well, that explains_________"(there are many options to fill in this blank).  Apparently, there is some crazy solar flare stuff happening with the sun too!  So what happens when the two most constant and predictable features of our lives suddenly become less predictable?  The kids go crazy.

You have heard people say, "It must be a full moon!"  Some say that a full moon affects births, deaths, seizures, emergency room visits, and admissions to psychiatric hospitals.  Some people believe that the extra light the full moon provides interrupts human sleep behavior and therefore causes us to go off our rockers.  Of course the human body is mostly water, so perhaps it is just that the moon is causing strange and intensely pulling tides inside of our bodies. 

This week my third grade students have been a little nutty.  They can't seem to be settled, be quiet, or be responsible for their words or actions.  This is not normally a problem for our class.  It could be the change in our routine because of the ISTEP tests (I would like to thank them for the timing of this test) or it could be the approaching full moon.  I'm going with the full moon.  So, as people have done for hundreds of years, I look to the night sky for answers.  Aaaawooooo!  Howl with me now!


  1. Last night as I waited on my son to get home from regional literary and the car battery died; I looked up and said, "Well that explains it all!" Thanks for reminding me of the moons power!

  2. Your post made me smile tonight and yes, I've had the same experience with my third graders this week. I noticed last night that the moon was almost full and I had the same reaction you did...Ahh..that explains it. Here's to surviving the rest of the week!