Thursday, March 8, 2012

Some Thoughts

I'm a single mom tonight.  My husband is off coaching a boys and girls club basketball team, so I'm just going to muse on some of today's events.

Sara Blakely, the maker of Spanx and my hero, has made the Forbes billionaires list.  Yes, that's billionaires with a "b".  She is the youngest woman to make the list without the help of a husband or an inheritance.  You go girl! 

My daughter, Tatum, has her first loose tooth. We were brushing her teeth this evening and low and behold the adult tooth is beginning to pop and both of her front bottom teeth are wiggly.  Is this normal?  I was not ready for this milestone.  Now all she can talk about is the Tooth Fairy.  I'm afraid she is going to yank her tooth out before it's time.  Talking with the kids at school, I know that the Tooth Fairy is paying a pretty hefty fee for teeth now a days.  Guess the economy is back on track?!

Finally, I have to say that I am relieved the applied skills portion of the ISTEP test wrapped up today.  By the end of the day the 3rd, 4th, and 5th grade teachers were looking like zombies.  My third grade students have a week off before we are yet again blasted with a standardized test.  This time it is the IREAD 3.  This test has pretty heavy consequences.  Those students who do not pass will be held back in third grade.  This is the dark cloud that has been casting shadows of doubt on some of my students this year.  I hope they can break through the cloud and see the light...I can.


  1. Stacy- Losing a tooth is a milestone. You may want to read Toot & Puddle's Charming Opal. A great story about losing a first tooth. Testing season is upon us! Hang in there with your 3rd graders. My daughter will be one of those next year.

  2. Oh, I'm hoping the best for your third graders. I just hate the pressure these poor kids carry. (Not to mention the teachers.) The first tooth is a huge deal, huh? The economy may be brighter for some than others. We forked over $5 for the first tooth and one or two bucks for others. My 8-year-old pulled a tooth just today. It's under his pillow at this very moment. Guess I need to go scrape up something.

  3. Kudos to the lady who invented Spanx!! She deserves every one of those billion daughters for designing fancier girdles for us. :)

    Congratulations on the tooth loss - always a big day!