Monday, March 19, 2012

Goof around

Today I'm trying some goof around writing.  This is a three word story.  Every sentences is made of only three words.  My students like to try these kinds of stories.  It can be challenging choosing the right words. 

My Monday Morning

Got up today.  Got in shower.  Almost fell down.  I hate Mondays.  Woke up Tatum.  She was GRUMPY.  Wake up Tess.  She was playful.  Make my coffee.  Mmmm it's warm.  Can't find shoes.  Under the couch?  Nope not there.  In my room?  Nope not there.  Tess come back.  Got my shoes.  Not nice Tess.  Get in car.  Strap girls in.  Buckle my belt.  Off we go.  Another beautiful morning.


  1. This looks fun and challenging! Maybe I will use this idea with my eighth graders. They don't seem to like to write long sentences! Glad you had a beautiful morning!

  2. This was fun. Not easy writing. You wrote well. Should try myself.