Tuesday, March 20, 2012

No sugar Day 9

I have had no sugar for 9 days.  I'm dying here.  I really believe that the lack of sugar is going to my brain.  I am forgetful, tired, and bitter. Ha!   Here is my ode to sugar.

Sugar you are my sweet dream boat,
You make my world stay afloat.
I miss you with all my heart,
Sugar we should never be apart.
When you return my life will be peachy,
never again will you be far from my reach-y!


  1. 'I miss you with all my heart' would be me. Kudos for working through this challenge of no sweets. Very creative poem!
    MH at Booksavors.wordpress.com

  2. I'm not even sure I could make it 9 whole days! Keep it up, you're doing great! :)

  3. Congrats! I've been there. what I notice now is that sweet tastes very sweet. I can even eat grapefruit without sprinkling sugar on top...always had to do that before. Love your poem!